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Dominica has been described as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For the distracted observer, this impression is immediately confirmed from the first citing of the Island. Nestled between the French Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, this “Nature Isle ” is Portsmouth beachsteeped in unparalleled natural beauty, a rich Creole culture, and the friendliest people in the World. 

Rediscovered on November 3, 1493 by Christopher Columbus, Dominica was the last of the Caribbean countries to be colonized due in large part to the resistance of the Carib (Kalinago) Indians. Today, Dominica is the only country where the Caribs remain, and they continue to contribute significantly to Dominica’s rich cultural heritage. 

France and England fought constantly over Dominica, with the Island changing hands several times during the entire second half of the eighteenth century, leading the Caribs to call the island “Waitukubuli” “land of many battles”. 

Because of its mountainous terrain, Dominica remained in the hands of the Caribs longer than any of the other Leeward and Windward islands; although Britain and France had agreed to this arrangement in 1748, France broke the treaty and claimed Dominica. 

From its towering 5000 feet peaks to its gushing waterfalls, hundreds of flowing rivers, azure waters of the sea, and black and white sandy beaches, Dominica offers a unique and diverse experience to all who visits its shores.

The 790 km2 Island boasts a population of 71, 000 people, stable government, and an extremely low crime rate. It also boasts the most centurinarians per thousand of the population in the world. 

With a life expectancy of 82 years for females and 78 for males, and ranked by the United Nations as one of the top 35 countries in the world in terms of quality of health care, the country stands as a veritable monument of calm and tranquility. 

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