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SOUTHVIEW HOTEL is small, friendly 20 bedroomed Hotel located approximately 1 mile from
the famous Treasure Beach resort in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

In addition to modern, well decorated rooms, we offer both local and continental dishes, a bar,
swimming pools and fabulous fruited grounds.
There is a full quota of staff to cater for all requirements including chauffeur driven tour guides
available for other local journeys along with the option to hire a vehicle and drive yourself .

The venue is approximately 2 hours drive from either of the two main airports (Montego Bay
and Kingston). There is also a  small Airport, located about 5 minutes drive from this Hotel, and
approximately 20 minutes fly-time from either of the two main airports.

Nearest shopping towns are Black River (Capital), Santa Cruz and Junction.
The local area of Treasure Beach is widely known as the most friendly of all Jamaican resorts
and also the most racially diverse.
Our beaches are quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of other resorts such as Montego
Bay and Ochio Rios.

Complimenting the resort, the surrounding area is famous for its safari nature tours. Rum
making, idyllic beauty spots and vegetable gardens.
Organic crops, grown locally on our grounds are served to our guests, these can be viewed
from our balconies along with a wide variety of Jamaican  tropical fruit trees.

Our two storey main building along with its various out buildings is an eco-friendly zone
incorporating a mixture of Solar energy and local produced Ethanol for back-up generators.
Here at Southview, we also cater for Scientific Tours where interested parties are taken along
the Sea and eventually into the Black River, such a journey allows for a variety of Biological
explorations, coupled with guided tours within the Bauxite and distillery industry, our tours
are widely acknowledged as the safest and most informative within the island.

Our online Gift shop allows our guests to purchase artifacts of both local and internationally
acclaimed artists, original works of art by famous artists such as RS Moseley may be
purchased or a simple print for a few local dollars are also available.

Southview Hotel is ideally placed a mile away from the cluster of other local Hotels and Guest
Houses thus creating a peaceful and tranquil environment within a lush and green
surrounding with just the sweet songs of the local Caribbean birds, such as the Nightingale,
the goolin or the Banana Bessie echoing from the fruited trees.

Whether its Diving, Snorkling, Sightseeing or just chilling out and watching the world go by,
look no further than Southview, we are here to serve you.

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