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Fort Louis was built in 1789 on a hill overlooking Marigot Bay and the island of Anguilla by the locals in the town, on the orders of Jean Sebastian de Durat, who was governor of St Martin and St Barth, for the king of France at the time.
fort louis st martin

Its primary function was to defend the harbour warehouses where goods were stored (salt, coffee, sugar cane, and rum).
Later the fort was abandoned and fell into ruin.
In the 19th century it was restored once more, only to be abandoned again. During this period it was also the site of battle between the French and the English, as the latter regularly came across from Anguilla to raid the warehouses.

Thanks to the Hope Estate archeological association, restoration and renovation of the building has once again been undertaken, in close collaboration with a unit of the military service (SMA) in Guadeloupe.
Bi-lingual explanatory panels provide historical information about the fort and its environs.
From its highest point the site offers an unrestricted view of Marigot, Simpson Bay lagoon, Simpson Bay, Anguilla, the Lowlands, and Nettle Bay.

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