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n today’s fast-paced world finding a peaceful haven to create the perfect balance is tough to locate!  Your search is now over.  The mystical oasis – EDEN GARDENS – has been recreated in the heart of Kingston’s bustling metropolis.  With a new look and fresh vibrations, the revitalized retreat has incorporated a synergy of relaxation and wholeness of the mind, body and soul.  With a range of accommodation and holistic packages, products and services EDEN GARDENS offers an amazing wellness experience.

Over the years, the property became synonymous with memorable events especially weddings.  However, founder and owner, Hon. Dr. Henry I. C. Lowe, whose life mission is to categorize and employ programs across the Jamaican Diasporas that will assist and ensure the continuous development in the health, as well as environmental and educational sectors, wanted Eden Gardens to return to the original vision – a premier health and wellness facility pioneering the efforts to develop health tourism in the Caribbean.

Hence, in spite of the heavy traffic of events and in-demand service providers, the decision was taken to temporarily cease full scale operations to facilitate the renovation process.

The renovation of Eden Gardens has unfolded according to the original vision and plan under the direction of a team of talented and passionate personnel to include the management team under the creative direction of Natalie Sasso, and will be officially re-opening its doors in fall 2013.  The reopening plans include a grand affair set to showcase the high quality and diverse offerings which will hopefully attract a local and international crowd seeking out the ultimate wellness and lifestyle experience.  The Eden Gardens team is also big on providing exceptional customer service is focused on ensuring the delivery of a special experience patrons will remember for decades to come.

The philosophy behind the one of a kind health and wellness centre is based on Dr. Lowe’s recognition and acknowledgement of the natural laws of synergy and balance as the footing for human fulfillment and satisfaction.  The innovation mission of the centre is to provide health and wellness goods and services to all their visitors that will allow them to achieve balance between their minds, body and soul and subsequently their lives.  EDEN GARDENS will provide a haven for those who are trying to escape the difficult demands of everyday life.


In recent years sustainable living has become an integral feature in the overall planning for growth and development globally.  For that reason extraordinary attention has been paid in the overall redesigning of the property to ensure that the ambience has an authentic eco-friendly aura that guests will feel the moment they set foot inside the center.  State-of-the-art green technology such as non-toxic paint and eco-friendly construction materials, low flow toilets and showerheads, as well as water and energy saving appliances (including motion sensor lights which turn on and off by themselves) such as water heaters and gas stoves and solar powered air conditioning have been employed to revamp and boost its structural ambiance.  In fact, the boutique facility carefully hand selects each member of staff to ensure they portray the positive energy needed to achieve this complete balance of being.


The health and wellness centre’s specifically refurbished vacation suites and apartments support guests that are trying to connect on a physical level with themselves or relationally with their significant other.  The rooms provide the optimum wave of serenity and pleasure that is essential to enhancing the mind/body/soul connection.  Their impeccable and contemporary architectural design puts remarkable emphasis on combining the use of the most sophisticated bedding systems in Jamaica with soothing decorative accent colours, furnishings and pictures to create their tranquil Eco-friendly experience.


EDEN GARDEND Gym, an open layout, full service fitness centre, will offer a wide range of high tech cardio and strength training equipment, spacious changing rooms and a sauna.  Under the instruction of a highly professional fitness coach guests will transform daily before their every eyes.  This is the only place that makes it their business to ensure that the benefits of exercise are reaped regardless of our guest’s age, sex or physical ability.  Guests are able to augment their lives and self-esteem through rigorous exercise programs that aid them to control the weight, censure their health, improve their mood and boost their energy to manifest absolute equilibrium in their daily lives.


The lavish Day Spa will be a complete blessing for guests who are in need of some serious “me time”.  The highly therapeutic services include not merely professional hair styling for both men and women, but also calming manicures and pedicures, facial, waxing, (teeth whitening to help perk up your smile) and exotic jade stone treatments to initiate the crucial purifying process.  The massage menu ensures that no matter the needs, they will be served through either deep tissue massage to experience great relief in easing muscle tensions and cramps or feed their soul by submerging into a ‘ying yang’ life and water experience with a hydro massage.  EDEN GARDENS will be the only place to provide an adulation massage that intensively reduces spinal tension and creates spinal flexibility, as well as an oxygen massage that helps to release stress and anxiety and facilitate total stability.


The restaurant and bars provided within the EDEN GARDENS experience will possess the unique characteristics of being deliberately designed to assist guests in their portion sizing and calorie counting practices.  In-house nutritionist, Donovan Grant, reviews each and every gourmet food and beverage option on the menu to ensure they are perfectly combined to re-energize the mind, body and soul.  Guests can unwind from the hectic day’s activities at any of the four eating locations, the tea house, poolside, juice bar, fine dining or casual restaurant.

The tea house will serve delicious herbal teas such as Guinea Hen Weed which is good for your digestive system.  Cerasee and Ginger which helps to cure the worst cases of indigestion and Bissy which helps to treat arthritis and gout.  The juice bar offers personalized fresh squeezed fruit blends for guests with bar menu options such as Strawberry Banana Flex to invigorate the mind Sweet Potato Booster to transform the body’s immune system, and Papaya Kicker to relax and de-stress the spirit.

The casual dining area will feature an international grill that will enable guests to lighten up in a serene and sophisticated dining experience while indulging in health delicacies such as Tender Asian Barbecue Drumsticks and open flame Roasted Jerk Fish that will entice the taste buds of anyone who tries them.

The fine dining restaurant ambience speaks to utmost sophistication and class providing a world class white glove dining experience featuring healthy Chick Pea Stew, served along with coconut infused Basmati Rice and Oriental Fillet Mignon served with Saffron Mashed Ground Provision.  EDEN GARDENS is the only place that can guarantee its guest’s flexibility, peace of mind and nutritional value in all their food and beverage menu selections.



The newly renovated EDEN GARDENS will boast 5 indoor and 2 outdoor immaculate and contemporary designed meeting rooms.  These rooms will be rented for all types of occasions including small business seminars, executive board meetings, and large conferences with up to 200 participants and weddings.  An in house Wedding Planner (Mrs. Aquart) with years of experience will be on hand to assist guests to execute the perfect event.


For people who aren’t ready to be pampered of eat heath consciously they can visit the wellness book store, cyber business centre or gift shop that will lend a hand in nourishing the mind.  The cyber (?) wellness centre will be completely equipped with the latest computer software, printers and fax machines that will allow guests to carry out their day to day business or research on the vast benefits involved in healthy living. A special range of Eden Gardens branded souvenir apparel, organic oils and lotions, scented candles, hand-crafted Jamaican jewelry, herbal teas and dietary supplements will be available for sale at the gift shop to assist in spreading the health and wellness products from person to person locally and internationally.


Nestled among EDEN GARDENS core business offerings is a host of highly qualified and in demand, health and beauty service providers, all of whom will provide guests with a wide range of specialized services such as chiropractic treatments, anti-aging treatments, detoxification and de-stress therapies, permanent cosmetics, dermatology, nutrition consultants, acupuncturist and moxibitionst.


EDEN GARDENS undeniable value will be easily recognized by recurrent guests, granting them the opportunity to reap the rewards of the bountiful EDEN GARDENS LOYALTY WELLNESS FRATERNITY PROGRAM.  Guests who become members of the fraternity upon paying a yearly membership fee (depending on their selected level of membership – PLATINUM, GOLD or SILVER) will obtain discounts on all the products and services provided by EDEN GARDENS facilities as well as its affiliate service providers.

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