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If there was a fun spot to hang out that was just all around COOOL – it’d probably be called, yes you guessed it – CHILLIN! Imagine a winter wonderland in tropical Jamaica! CHILLIN at Coral Cliff makes it all a reality. Ride, drive or ski as hard as you want, shoot hoops or pool AND win exciting prizes in this fun-filled fantasyland, amidst falling snow and pulsating lights and music. The authentic ski lodge bar and various party and dining options add flavour to this really cool spot.

Hey, Chill Out man!…in this exclusive hand-crafted Ice Bar – where EVERYTHING inside is made of ice – including the shot-glass filled with premium brands that you may enjoy in this truly remarkable attraction! Don’t worry, coat and gloves for your visit are provided – if they weren’t, that would be SOOO COOOOLD! So much more than a Caribbean novelty, CHILLIN at Coral Cliff is definitely the thing to do when in Montego Bay.

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