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St. Maarteen is a tropical Caribbean paradise located in the northern Caribbean, just south of Puerto Rico. This 37 square-mile gem is the world’s smallest land mass of two distinct nations, French and Dutch, both co-existing in perfect harmony. The French side is administered by the French Department of Guadeloupe, while the other half is part of the federation of the Dutch Antilles – Curacao, St.Maarten, Bonaire, St.Eustacius and Saba.

One couldn’t think of a better place to explore culture and lifestyle, which explains why this island is always one of the top destinations in the world. Bernard realized, in September 2001, that there was a need for a more intimate, private tour of this beautiful island. That’s how his private driver career was born.

Today, Bernard's Tours is one of St. Maarten’s most sought-after tour operating companies. Our customers think of us as warm and relaxed, and that’s probably because we are so flexible. We customize our guests’ tours the way they want it. Our drivers are fully trained and have extensive knowledge of both sides of the island. We have four vehicles: a seven-seat mini van, a 14-seat conversion van, a 28-seat and 32-seat bus, all designed to accommodate different needs.

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